We Specialise in Re-roofs / New roofs with a variety of materials available, Below is i a different selection of roofing materials for re-roofs. We also work closely with Building Control and keep up to date with the latest Rules and Regulations. All our Re-roofs get fully stripped back to the roof Rafters. We use a top quality Breathable felt, Grade A roof battens and the Slates Or tiles of you’re choice.


Natural Slates / Eternit Slates

By far the best roof material is a good Grade A natural slate, with a very appealing look and a long life span they are a very popular and traditional material for re-roofs, But quiet expensive. There is cheaper grade slates but are slightly more brittle than the good ones and often dont lay as flat.

A Good alternative to natural slates is Eternit slates (Man-made Cement Fibre) They lay very flat and have a shiny finish, They are also alot more flexible than natural slates, They are also bigger (600mm x 300mm) so are faster to lay. Along with 2 nails fixing into the roof battens they all have a copper rivet towards the bottom of the slates to stop them curling up.

Concrete Tiles

Alot of roofs nowadays are done with concrete tiles, They are available in different shapes, colours and profiles. They are quick to lay and match in well with all properties.

Rosemary / Pan tiles

Small 10″ x 6″ clay tiles look very good and the Rosemary brand have a long lifespan, Often an expensive option as there is approximately 60 tiles to a Sqm, but Aesthetically they match in well with traditional properties.

Re-cycled Tiles / Artificial

Another good and Green option is Tapco slate, They are re-cycled rubber and have a good life span. We also offer Artificial stone roofing, These are alot lighter and also cost effective solution to keep’s older buildings aesthetic appearance, The artificial stone looks just as good as natural